Pick & go – fun snack in skewers tray


Delicious finger food easily spiked on skewers. Hutthurm, 06.11.2017 – At first the hunger is slowly creeping up and suddenly you are in a hurry.

If you don’t have time for cooking or you are travelling and a small snack-emergency occurs,  you gladly take bite-sized vegetable -, fruit- or cheese-snacks. 

These delicacies are attractively presented in a chic convenience tray made of polypropylene.

ES-Plastic specializes in the design and production of high-quality PP-packaging solutions and has lately designed a customer-friendly skewers tray.

It is 187 mm long, 137 mm wide and 37 mm high and with its 2 compartments (358 ml and 193 ml) it offers enough space for delicious finger food. 

The highlight is an elongated middle compartment where you can place small skewers or a mini fork can be placed. Touching food with the hands or sticky fingers are no longer a problem. 

Customers can easily open the sealing film and pick and enjoy the snacks to their hearts’ content.

Instead of skewers it is also possible to put a slim packed dip into the middle compartment. 

With this concept the imagination has no limits regarding the product to be filled. Whether a fruity-spicy mix of grapes and cheese cubes, two kinds of fresh fruit or vegetables or sweet treats, almost everything can be packed appetizingly in the skewers tray. 

If convenience-food should be offered in the tray, it can be made suitable for microwaving or deep freezing on request. Instead of the classical top film there is also a lid available. 

If you don’t want the tray in a purist black, you can easily choose between all available RAL- and Pantone-colors. 

Glance into the skewers tray

Measures: 187 mm (L) x 137 mm (B) x 37 mm (H) 

Compartments: Compartment 1: 74,8 mm (L) x 98,2 mm (B); Compartment 2: 34,8 (L) x 98,2 mm (B) Skewers compartment: 118 mm (L) x 9 mm (B) x 6 mm (H)

Volume: Compartment 1: 358 ml, Compartment 2: 193 ml

Weight: 22,5 g (without skewers)

Material: 100% recyclable PP

Colors: black, white, transparent, RAL- and Pantone-colors 

Closure: sealing over all compartments, PP-lid

Optional: further designs and divisions on request